Amazon Prime Pantry: 45 Pounds of Groceries Delivered for $6

Amazon Prime Pantry: 45 Pounds of Groceries Delivered for $6

Jeff Bezos wants to feed you. No, really: Amazon’s latest venture is Prime Pantry, a service that allows you to have 45 pounds’ worth of household essentials, in everyday sizes, shipped to your door for $6.

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Facebook wants you to know when your friends are nearby, if they’re cool with that

Facebook has announced an interesting new feature called Nearby Friends which does pretty much exactly what you think it does. User can optionally turn on broad proximity notifications, so you and your friends can get a notice when your friends are nearby. You can set specific friends and friends lists to get these notifications, and it only works if both parties have it enabled. The new system also allows you to share specific GPS coordinates for a limited amount of time with selected contacts.

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Running the Heartbleed Code to See Exactly How It Works

By now, you’ve read all about Heartbleed —but what, exactly, does it look like in action? Thankfully some nerdy brave computer scientists have run it, so you don’t have to.

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MIT designs a floating, tsunami-proof nuclear plant

What’s the safest place to put a nuclear reactor? Offshore, apparently. A new power plant design concept from MIT envisions a facility built on floating platforms, moored in deep water several miles off the coast. This, the concept’s creators…

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The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits

It looks like the iPhone 5s isn’t the only smartphone whose fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits. SR Labs has just posted a video (shown below) showing that Samsung’s just-launched Galaxy S5 is susceptible to the same trick: as long as you…

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